How You Can Help

Donations for Water Wells:

200$ per well and are each built by hand and last families 7 years or more. They take 2 weeks to build, depending on the weather and quality of soil in the village. A receipt will be provided. Pictures and videos will be provided, no name, just initials will be on the Water Wells due to the time consumption.​   

Donation for Hand Pedal Bikes:

70$ per bike and are each build by hand and last individuals a lifetime. Given to an individual who suffers from polio and cannot use their legs. No names/initials, just pictures and videos of your bike and a receipt.

Donation for Other Supplies: 

 We will collect any amount of money, so donate what you can. Supplies vary from food, clothing, water, basic needs, and medications (malaria, common cold, etc.). This is just us purchasing supplies and giving them to those who need it around Nigeria. A receipt, pictures, video, and a sticker will be provided as proof of your contribution.